How to Have a Party-Ready Tan

Elegant women celebrating christmasWith this season of the year, parties are everywhere. Is your schedule full of party invites like bar hopping and pool parties? It means it’s time to bring to light your tubes, mini-skirts, sexy shorts or two-piece. It’s time also to show some skin but you’re a bit scared to show off your pale back and legs? Throw away your worries! You won’t miss out a single party. Here are some tips to make you look party-ready even when your friends invite you for a short notice.

  • Sun-kissed Skin

Of course, nobody wants to look like a white lady in that party, right? Because your skin is the first thing they’ll notice, you should give the biggest attention to this before all the other small details. Apart from your regular tanning regimen, try to apply tinted moisturizer two days before the big event. Or because you have a busy lifestyle and you want to be tan ready all the time, why not use a moisturizer tan. It is a moisturizer with a hint of tan that should be applied every day. It will gradually make your skin tan so you’ll be party-ready all the time.

  • Blemish-free face

Oil-free and blemish-free face are all it takes to be pleasant looking. Simple regimen to remove oil, dirt and blemishes like applying a face mask is the first thing you should do. If you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, go to a facial saloon and have a facial treatment beforehand. This will make you look blooming and radiantly fresh.

  • Party Outfits

Get ready and prepare extra party outfits if you have heaps of party invites. Pale colored outfits are ideal if you have a darker tan to reveal and compliment your sun-kissed glow. But if you have a light tan, colorful or darker colors of garments are suggested. Don’t be shy to show some skin by wearing sleeveless, short skirts or sexy shorts.

  • Party-ready nails

Party lovers would love to have a party-ready nail polish. New nail polish is another party-essential. It could be, however, time consuming if you keep on going to a foot spa to change your nail polish design. Select from various colors, a gel manicure which lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks. If you want to keep on redesigning your nail polish, use a platinum color, then redesign it with a different nail polish color every time you go to another party.

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