How to Have an Even Tanned Skin

Getting the right tan can be quite a hurdle. Now, we all know that there are different ways to get a tan. You can opt to bask under the sun for hours on end or if you’re hoping to have some privacy, you can opt for a tanning bed in one of your nearby tanning salons. However, if you’re one of the sensible ones, you’d probably be using some spray tans as a preferred method. Whatever your choice of tanning is, there can be a lot of inconveniences you’ll stumble upon just to get the right kind of tan.

First and foremost, you’ll want to exfoliate prior to any method of tanning. Getting rid of dead skin is important since they can disrupt your tan by causing lighter splotches of skin once they peel off.

When it comes to sunbathing, it can be tricky to get the right kind of tan. You’ll want to take turns on lying on your back and on your stomach so that you don’t cook your skin on one side too much. It gets trickier with your face. Since your face has more sensitive skin, setting it out for the sun to tan can be difficult. At times, if you’re not careful, you’d have a lighter complexion for your face. You can make use of an alarm to time the sessions. You might have to rely on sunglasses to keep your eyes safe but it’s a little hurdle that can be touched up by make-up. Don’t overdo, sunburns can cause an uneven tan since you’re peeling off a layer of skin.

For tanning beds, you’ll want to tie your hair back or make sure that none of it is obstructing any part of your face and body. You wouldn’t want an uneven tan due to the distribution of the UV rays while tanning. You can make use of eye covers during tanning to protect your eyes and have minimal disruption on the tan. You’ll want to be completely still for this case as movement can disrupt the distribution of the light on your skin.

Spray tans are ideal to getting an even coverage since you can control your tan. You’ll want to start with a light layer, dabbing the concoction on your skin and face gently. Build up the saturation slowly so you can even out the tone. You’ll want to dab lightly on certain areas such as your knees and elbows since they tend to soak up more of the self tanner due to how the skin folds. If you’re adventurous, you can even try contouring your tan using a self tanner. to(pl|s