Being comfortable with your body can be achieved in numerous ways. This can be through makeup, exercising or trying a better selection of food as a diet. Whichever way you choose, trying to look your best can be reflected in numerous ways. However, trying to best yourself can be further improved by numerous things. Self tanners are a great aid in this venture.

Self tanners are tanning agents that do not make use of the sun. These topically administered lotions or creams can provide your skin the tanning without having to subject yourself under the sun for hours on end or inside of a tanning bed. Another benefit for using self tanner is the overall skin tone that you get from tanning. Self tanners provide a great coverage and can be used as a base for makeup as well. Since they are used similarly to makeup, self tanners are like semi-permanent bronzers.

We know bronzers are used as an aid to contouring our face, self tanners give have that aspect too. Normally, you’d put on self tanners using a tanning mitt, a glove medium for self tanning. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help in contouring thus for this venture, you’ll need to rely on a spray tanning kit. Spray tanning kits have an airbrush and an air compressor which ‘sprays’ on the tan to your skin.

Airbrush makes spray tanning very efficient and cost-effective since you do not waste any tanning lotion. With a simple twist of a nozzle, you can determine how wide or how fine you are spraying the tanner on your skin. Much like contouring your face, it’s always great to be familiar with your body. If you’re not well-versed with contouring, asking a friend for help doesn’t make it any less of an experience.

It’s best to contour the areas that can best accentuate your assets. A good place that spray tanning is usually applied on is one’s buttocks. Normally, you wouldn’t consider contouring your butt but with the summer season at a high, you’re bound to walk around in a bikini by the beach any time soon. You can also contour your arms to make it look less flabby or your stomach to lessen the bulge that you can embarrass you when you don your swimsuit. If you’re a little doubtful on using self tanners to highlight your assets, remember that even Victoria’s Secret angels have their share of self tanning done before strutting off the catwalk.