How to Keep Your Self Tan from Fading Easily

Achieving the sun-kissed glow you’ve always desired boosts your confidence. But we all know that there is no everlasting everlasting sunless tan. The only thing you can do is to make it last a little longer. The effect of tanning does not have a specific amount of days or weeks before it fades. But managing your skin and taking extra care of it by avoiding the don’ts in self tanning will make your tan last a little longer. Here are some tips on how to prevent your tan from fading easily.

Before Tanning

Before tanning, always do the basics. Tanning is like putting a screen protector on your mobile phone or painting a house; making sure it is clean before applying anything on it is essential.

  • Before tanning, first exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells, when not removed before tanning, will create a streaky look to your skin.
  • If you prefer to remove hair by shaving or waxing, do it beforehand. Shaving or waxing after tanning scratches the first layer of the skin, thus the applied self tanner solution will be easily removed. Waxing also aids in exfoliating your skin.

After Tanning

After you have achieved the desired glow of your skin, you must bear in mind the don’ts and how to take care of your tan.

  • Never rub your skin with rough towels, scrubs or loofah, or use soap and skin cleanser with exfoliants because these are the fastest ways to remove your tan.
  • You are advised to moisturize your skin everyday by putting lotion or sunscreen protection especially when going outdoors. Another good trick is to mix a small amount of a self tanner product to your lotion when you moisturize to maintain your tan longer.
  • You can also enhance your glow by applying a bronzer on your skin.
  • Apply baby oil before you take a shower. Aside from moisturizing your skin, the oil acts also as a wall between the water and your tan, protecting it from diminishing quickly.
  • Don’t forget to check the soap, gel, lotion, cream or other solutions you apply on your skin. Remember, alcohol, salicylic acid, parabens, benzoyl peroxide, and AHAs are fast removers of tan.
  • Taking care of the skin does not only work on the outside, but from the inside as well. Drinking plenty of water every day is advisable to prevent skin from getting dry. It ensures your skin cells are hydrated and preventing it from flaking.