How To Maintain a Good Tan Regardless of the Weather

Getting a tan can be quite tedious. Be it from the numerous hours on end lying on one side under the sun or in between the contraptions of a tanning bed; or it could also be through the means of self tanning. Whichever method it may be, taking care of your tan can be the most difficult part when it comes to self tanning.
One of the biggest hurdle for individuals who enjoy sunbathing are the cold months. During these months, if you’d like the feel of the warm rays tanning your skin, going to your nearby tanning salon would be a good idea. While it may not be as good as being in an open space, tanning beds provide good coverage and giving you the much needed warmth during the cold days. If you’re not too keen on being inside the tanning bed, your best bet would be using a self tanners. While tedious, you can be sure that you’re applying a good amount of tan without having to go through another dose of UV rays.
To make sure that your tan stays long and looks good, exfoliate. As odd as that may be, exfoliating does shed off the layer of tanned skin but that also gives way to younger, healthier skin. By cleansing your skin of the dead skin cells, you’re actually encouraging the tan to stay longer. Best to do this twice a month with two week intervals between each exfoliating session.
Drink lots and lots of water. Hydration is a very important thing to keeping a good tan. No matter what season you are in, drinking a lot of water not only helps keep your body in good condition but it also keeps your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin tends to shed less since you’re able to keep the topmost layer in good condition.
Skip out on waxing as much as possible. Waxing, along with acid rich cleansers, burn away the layer of tan that you’ve taken care of. While this might seem a little weird since we encouraged exfoliating a few paragraphs ago, having an unplanned use of cleansers or waxing can actually ruin your tan.
Avoid burning and wear sunscreen. During the hot summer days, we can actually get a little laidback and try to soak as much of the sun thinking it’ll help us tan. Unfortunately, getting your share of sunburn can ruin the olive complexion you’ve been wanting. Sunburn causes the layer of skin to fleck when it heals thus revealing a lighter tone. Additionally, no one wants to experience excruciating pain in the hopes of getting a tan. 750|veri|vi(rg