How to Make Your Fake Tan Look Real

Getting a tan can be a tricky business especially when you don’t have the luxury of time in your hands. While going to the tanning salon for your session with the tanning bed sounds tempting, these apparatus can cause more harm than a change on your skin tone. As the rising danger of cancer from consistent exposure to UV rays has run amok, it’s better to make use of an alternative method to tanning.

Young woman looking at the copy-space on her sideThis would be using self-tanners. Self-tanners are more manageable with the ability to evenly distribute the tan that tanning beds or even sunbathing always misses out. Application of self-tanners is much, much easier and it should save you on the gas money. But the big question would be how to make your tan believable.

While we don’t have pictures to prove our stay at the beach or the trips to the tanning salon, you can rest assured that Thermalabs has got the items to make the bronze color as true as it can be. It’s best to remember the necessary steps to keeping the tan:

  • Remember to exfoliate your skin prior to apply the self-tanner. This makes sure that you aren’t setting the tan on uneven skin. Having a layer of dead skin cells could mean uneven coloration which we want to avoid.
  • Coverage is the key. Never miss out on any areas such as your knuckles or even your elbows. Having a lighter complexion on these areas can lead to questions so make sure to lather much of the self-tanners on your skin.
  • The best thing about self-tanners is how you can manage your tan. Contour your skin with each application and you’ll surely save a lot of time prepping up each morning.
  • For a much easier application, make use of a brush when applying the tanning agent. This will help you on your contouring as well as to cover up the hard to reach areas.

With the aid of Thermalabs’s set of self-tanners, you’re sure to earn the bronze color with little difficulty. The plus side is there’s no guilt in using their products as they are made from natural and organic ingredients which means you’re also pampering your skin with each tanning session.

With these steps and the assistance from Thermalabs, no one will ever suspect that your tan is fake nor would you even have to worry about the danger of tanning. mlb|wonu|x700|yas\-|your|zet