How To Make Your Sunless Tan Last Longer Even When Swimming



The tanning business has experienced a renaissance ever since sunless tanning has become a trend. More and more people are starting to discover that tanning need not be time-consuming, and that it can be done year round and are now safer than self tanning.

A sunless tanner can either be cosmetic (easy to apply, and washes off like makeup) or those that stain (tans the skin, and last longer).

But when you do go out on that annual trip to the beach, you may have concerns over your sunless tan and whether it would wash off when you take a dip. And while sunless tanners have gone a long way in becoming more water resistant, sunless tans are generally not made to last long.

But how can we make our sunless tans last longer?

summer woman with sunglasses. shot on the beach.

Apply more self-tanners

Apply more liberally, and reapply frequently especially when you plan to go swimming. This helps saturate your skin with more of the self-tanner and will help slow down the fading.

For a long-lasting tan, go for Thermalabs self-tanners which are now available in travel size. There are many Thermalabs products to choose from including Ultimitt, self-tanners, Glow2Go tanning towelette, spray tanning machines and more.

Take your time

While you badly want to catapult yourself on the pool, try and restrain yourself for a few hours after you’ve applied some self-tanner. Give your skin enough time to fully-absorb the self-tanner in order to properly set and not be washed away by the water too easily.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Before you reapply that self-tanner when you’ve noticed fading, make sure to try showering and exfoliating yourself. This helps remove any dead skin cells and dirt, and will help ensure that your skin will be ready for the next application of self-tanner. This also ensures better penetration of the tanner.

Use natural exfoliating gloves from Thermalabs to get the most from their self-tanners. These exfoliators are gentle on your skin and suitable for different skin types since they are available in pack of three. These are all made of organic materials namely bamboo fiber/loofah, sisal and jute gloves.

While it is always best to do it the old-fashioned way, getting a tan need not be difficult anymore. The main benefit of self-tanners of course is that you no longer need to expose yourself for hours under the broiling hot sun.