How to Organize a Tanning Party


Having your body undergo a tanning treatment is great for the summer season. But, the process can be more fun with people to share the experience. This can be done by hosting your own tanning party. This can be a great way to gather up with some friends or family to enjoy the wonderful experience of getting a tan together with chit-chats, food and drinks that comes along with it. To host your own tanning party successfully, here are some tips to achieve it.

Make all the preparations

Sexy girl dancing on a beach party.Where ever your party will be set up, it’s very important that you make all the necessary preparations before your guests arrive at the venue. The room where you plan to have your tanning session should be spacious especially if you’re planning to use spray tan machines. Prepare food that are eaten by hand like sandwich cubes, crackers, etc. and select refreshing drinks that would complement the summer season. Also, if you’re planning to have the party at your home, make sure to have an area where there are covers in the flooring in order to prevent stains to the floor or to the carpets when tanning.

Prepare the tanning materials

It’s better if you and your guests have access to different tanning materials during the party and it can also be helpful in setting up a tanning environment. You can use self-tanning products like Thermalabs tanning lotions for those who want the process to involve applying lotion to the body. When you want a product that is oil based, you can have Dry Oil-based self tanners, a product that is well known and one of the favorites of self-tanners. If you want to use gel, there is Untinted Self Tan Gel which is also a tanner’s favorite choice. Last but not the least, you can have a spray tan equipment kit to have a more enjoyable tanning experience. You can get a product like Thermalabs exfoliating mitt which is perfect when using Thermalabs self tanners. Lastly, if you don’t want to do it all by yourselves or if you’re beginners in the tanning world, you can just search for a mobile spray tan service in your area that provides all the professional help you need in getting a tan. Just make sure that you call them in advance in order to let them setup their equipment in the house or wherever you plan to have your tanning party.

Just follow and remember the tips above in order to host a great tanning party. This will be the opportunity for you and your friends and family to get together and share good moments while getting a tan. Invite your friends and family to have a tan at your house and enjoy the wonderful experience!