How to Prep Your Skin for Self Tanning on Spring

Spring a season that a lot of individuals anticipate. Not only is it the time to shed off the heavy layers of clothes or say good bye to the biting cold, it’s the season to welcome a much colorful landscape. Spring is a big leap from the dreary landscape and climate. With the weather getting warmer and warmer, it changes a lot of things.

From the kind of clothes to wear as well as your lifestyle for the upcoming flowery season. One of the things affected by this drastic change is your skin. With the weather getting less chilly, you may want to shift to another skin care regimen. If you’re into self tanning, the change in the season can also change how you should carry along.

Getting a great self tan is very dependent on how you care for your skin thus here are some tips to take in mind when you’re welcoming Spring.

– Change your skin care regimen. Thicker skin care products can get in the way to getting good skin. The composition of the winter skin care products is not ideal for spring thus you want to change your skin care product selection.

– Make sure to do your share of cleansing once spring comes in. This gives lesser chances of getting dry skin since winter tends to dry one’s skin out so easily. Dry skin can lead to a lot of lesions which make self tanning an unhappy experience. By cleansing, or removing the layer of dead skin cells, during the earlier days of spring, you can avoid shocking your skin during a transition from one season to the other.

– Moisturize as often as possible. Despite going to a slightly warmer temperature, it’s still important to retain well moisturized skin. Moisturized skin is a great palette to enjoying a great tan. By keeping healthy skin, you can also make your tan more vibrant and last longer. You can also amp up your hydration levels by drinking water.

– Get rid of old self tan before going to a fresh one. If you cling to old self tanned skin, you may end up with an uneven skin tone as well as tanning streaks. This certainly makes a bad palette to work with and the end results will only leave you unhappy. As mentioned, try to cleanse off the dead skin cells and old self tan beforehand.