How To Prevent Freckles When Tanning

FrecklesFreckles appear on the skin due to sun and tanning. They usually appear as tan-colored circular spots that occasionally overlap the skin and tend to be noticeable on the skin of fair-skinned individuals. And this is bad news for those who desire to get a tanned look by going through tanning sessions in a local tanning salon or sun bathing in the beach. The good news is that there are ways to keep your skin from developing freckles when you are getting tanned.

Sunscreen: This works well especially if you are sun-bathing. Try wearing sunscreen having a 30+ sun protection factor which is a form of UV protection. Also make sure to get yourself tanned for the amount of time that is necessary so as not to cause any negative skin reaction. Practicing this also works when you are going through tanning therapy in tanning salons. Take note that sunscreen lotions or creams have labels on them which will let you know how much sun protection factor they offer and the higher the number, the better protection they offer.

Wide Brim Hat: If you are on a beach getting tanned through sun-bathing then it would be best to wear a wide brim hat. This helps neutralize the sun’s harmful UV rays and protects your face from too much UV ray exposure that can cause your face to develop freckles.

Breaks: Make sure to take short breaks when tanning under the sun. Try to get underneath an umbrella or a shade for at least 15 to 30 minutes. When tanning on your own, make sure that you do not take too much time applying tan on your body and or putting too much tan on it.

Avoid Strong Sun Rays: Do not expose yourself to the sun on times that it is strongest. This means that you should only sun-bathe during the mornings but keep away from the sun starting at 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon where the sun is strongest. Always keep in mind that excessive sun exposure is a sure fire way of getting your skin to develop freckles.

Tanning Sprays: Tanning sprays are good tanning alternative because they do not have the risk of your skin developing freckles, provided that you follow before and after tanning procedures. Just make sure that you review the procedures and to carefully follow the instructions on these products.

There is nothing wrong in getting your body tanned once in a while provided that you are taking extra care in doing so. If you really want to lessen the chance of you developing freckles then the best alternative is to opt for self tanner products.