How to Prevent Patches from Self Tanning

With self tanners being a healthier approach to tanning compared to sunbathing and using tanning beds, it’s not surprising that a lot of individuals have turned to this method of tanning. Despite the rise of self tanning users, there are still some mishaps that happen from time to time. Beginner or a tenured user, having self tanning mishaps is quite inconvenient.

Before any, you’ll want to get the pre-tanning procedures done. This involves exfoliating your skin, waxing a few days ahead and consistently moisturizing. Exfoliating your skin helps prevent blotches from showing up due to the uneven skin or light spots in case of dead skin. Cleansing beforehand also paves way to younger skin which the tan can adhere better to.

Waxing any unwanted body hair is also important. If you’re one who has more than their fair share of body hair, there’s a big chance of having patches since self tanners cling to body hair easily. By waxing beforehand, you can also make sure that there are lesser chances of streaks. Additionally, you may want to wax at least a day or two before applying self tanners since your pores are still wide. If you naturally have big pores, you can make use of an ice cube and rub down your body. The coolness of the ice cube will help narrow your pores but make sure to pat your skin dry before any self tanner is applied on your skin.

Moisturizing helps before and after self tanning. If you have supple skin it’s easier for you to apply the self tanner. Also, if you have dry skin, there’s a higher chance of flaky skin so your tan might get ruined thus making you apply once more. This usually leads to an uneven tan due to not equal amount of self tanners applied.

Dab lightly and rub the self tanner on your skin. One of the most common beginner mistakes is rubbing the self tanner like lotion. While the consistency of a self tanner is very much like lotion, you dab the color onto your skin as opposed to rubbing it. Not only does rubbing the self tanner cause blotches, you can’t even control the tone thus ending up too orange from in the process.

Tanning mitts are your best friends so make good use of them. Just like what was said earlier, tanning mitts are an efficient tool to dabbing self tanner onto your skin. 8)|ta(gt|lk)|tcl