How To Protect Your Tan And Skin After Tanning

woman beauty faceWhile a lot of people these days enjoy the benefits of tanning and some are religious enough to do the things that should be done before tanning like exfoliating or not shaving 24 hours prior tanning, there are some who take protecting the skin AFTER tanning for granted. It cannot be stressed how important protecting your skin is before and after every tanning session. If you want to ensure a long lasting and fabulous tan then you should take the necessary steps in protecting your tan as well as your skin after tanning.

  • Drinking Lots of Water: Drinking water is paramount for every person whose lifestyle involves tanning on a regular basis. Especially if they are getting their skin bronzed in the conventional manner which is with the help of the sun’s ultra-violet rays or if they are the kind of people who prefer relaxing on tanning beds. Tanning in either one of these two methods dries the skin which leaves it parched, and dry. Hence it is vital that you bring a bottle of water for every similar session. And even if you are using fake tanners, drinking water on a regular basis helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Good Quality Moisturizer: Moisturizers and lotions like Thermalabs’ Protectan also help in keeping your skin healthy after tanning. It cools the skin and replenishes the moisture lost in the tanning process. In addition, working out to get fit also improves the end result of your tan hence bringing a moisturizer with you whenever and wherever you tan should be paramount.
  • Give It Time: Take a break in between tanning sessions because tanning everything in one go can potentially damage the skin. Give the skin breathing time before you continue your tanning session. At the same time, do not take too long when it comes to taking breaks because it can negatively affect the result of your tan.
  • Apply Sunscreen:Like what was mentioned prior, applying lotions that are designed to protect your tan and skin after tanning sessions is also important. Applying natural daily lotions like Thermalabs’ Protectan that is rich in vitamin E as well as Pro-Vitamin B5 for added moisture ensures that the skin is protected and promotes good health. Not to mention that these kinds of products are safe to use on any facial area.

Protecting your skin whenever you tan should be one of your priorities and all the necessary steps in doing so should be undertaken.