How to Protect Your Tan

Having tanned skin does wonders on how one can look. From trying to hide one’s flaws to enhacing one’s own body. There’s so much you can do when you have a summer glow. Another factor why it’s such a trend is how you can look good with it no matter what season you hope to acquire your tan.

One of the biggest hurdle on getting a tan is making it as flawless as ever. Not everyone can get the perfect tan on their first few tries. And when people do get the perfect tan, trying to maintain it is another hurdle to overcome. Getting a tan can be done in various and these methods also determine how to take better care of your tan.

For starters, avoid drying up your skin. With the cold days, it’s not a common choice to go for a hot shower. Be careful on overdoing the temperature as hot showers can dry your skin up. If you do need a good warm bath, try to lather some moisturizers, creams or lotions. If you’re not sure on what items can be good, why not make use of natural moisturizers such as those concocted with aloe.

Piggybacking on this tip, you should be careful with the ingredients of the skin care items you’re hoping to use. Products that contain retinol will ruin your tan. This is very important as retinol lightens one’s skin thus you don’t want to have patches of lighter skin on your body. If you’re going to the pool, avoid it for the mean time. Chlorine has been proven to whiten your skin thus you want to avoid destroying your tan if you want to take a dip in a pool.

Make sure to keep your body well hydrated. While we can put on moisturizing items, your body can easily shed your tan if you don’t keep track of keeping your water intake at the bare minimum. Thus, you’ll want to make the most out of your eight glasses of water everyday.

You may also want to consider on lessening the exposure of your skin to indoor tanning or sunbathing. This can cause your skin to age faster than normal which in turn can ruin a great tan. No one wants to have wrinkly bronze skin especially after the hours spent to achieve it. It’s also been known that consistent exposure to the sun’s UV rays or even the rays present from indoor tanning can lead to the occurrence of skin cancer.

However, if you opt to continue using the aforementioned methods, there’s no harm in being careful of the duration and length of each tanning session. If you have certain areas that have lightened or areas that weren’t tanned well during your sunbathing or indoor tanning sessions, why not make use of self tanners. Certain self tanners such as those from Thermalabs not only provide a good coverage but also promote healthier skin. With the nartural ingredients used in creating these self tanners, you can be assured that you can protect your tan as best as possible. [5]],_