How To Remove Self Tanners

With self tanners taking the center stage when it comes to the world of bronze skins, it is equally important to know how to properly remove unpleasant looking tans. Not all people are adept when it comes to utilizing self tanners, especially those who opt for DIY self tanners and often end up getting unsatisfactory results. If you are one of those that have experienced having an embarrassing unequal skin tone and refuse to go through that unpleasant ordeal again then you may want to note the following advice:

Exfoliate: While doing this is highly recommended before you go through tanning yourself, it is also advised that you exfoliate yourself to remove tan on your body. A self tanner is basically a dye that puts pigments on a person’s skin and when the skin is scrubbed, the skin cells peel off which also takes the tan along with it.

  • The first thing that you should do is to apply a thin layer of baby oil on your body and let it soak in for 25-35 minutes.
  • After letting it soak in, immerse your body in warm water and gently exfoliate your skin. Utilizing a loofah or a washcloth or a sugar scrub will do the job.
  • In case your home scrub is ineffective, you have the option of going to a local spa that offers a full body exfoliation treatment. Exfoliation done by professionals ensures that every trace of tan on your body is removed.
  • As an added note, investing in a dry brush is highly recommended especially in cases wherein you need to effectively exfoliate yourself.

lemon wedgesLemon Wedges: Another reliable method that you can go for when it comes to removing uneven tan from your body is through the use of a slice of lemon. Just massage the slice of lemon quickly on the affected area and this will often remove the uneven tone.

Soaking in Water: This is an effective method of removing uneven skin color especially pool water. Water being a universal solvent helps in speeding up the process of a tan fading and couple this with properly done exfoliation ensures that you can remove unwanted tan from your body.

Wait: Perhaps the simplest and most straight-forward method in removing unwanted bronze is by waiting for it to naturally fade. If you do not have plans of going out in the next days to come then maybe waiting is your best bet when it comes to getting uneven tan removed.

In due time, you will learn how to properly apply self tanners on your body and get satisfactory results. And even if you end up dissatisfied, there are methods available that you can use to remove that unpleasant tanned appearance.