How to Save Money When Buying Self Tanners

Self tanners may be one of the more expensive options to getting a tan. However, don’t let that deter you as self tanners are the healthiest approach to get your tanning fix. If you constantly did your tanning fix through sunbathing and indoor tanning, you’re putting yourself at a lot of risks. It goes without saying that absorbing too much UV radiation can lead to long term harm. If you aren’t familiar, the consistent exposure has caused the rise of cancer to propagate across the globe making it the top four cancers found among individuals.

While dubbed as a fake tan, self tanners still provide you the same summer glow without putting yourself at risk. However, to be able to make the most out of your self tanner, you need to be well equipped and to understand the scope of what you need and what you can get from a self tanner.

Here are some tips you may want to consider for your self tanning experience:

– Before buying any self tanners, make sure you know your skin type. This limits the chances of doing a trial and error phase on which self tanner works best for you. By being familiar of your skin type, you can pinpoint on the self tanners that you can use and works well with your skin. Try to look at reviews beforehand as this can also save you some time while you are searching for the best self tanner to use.

– Be familiar of your price range. It’s always a good practice to limit your purchase. You can opt for a big container of self tanner at a certain price so you won’t have to spend on self tanners often or you can get a smaller serving and try to budget your tan. It’s important to be able to plot how often you’d apply your self tan so you won’t waste your self tanners as they are in storage. This is a very important tip to consider when you have varying seasons to work with as there are certain tanners that can’t bode well with colder temperature.

– Piggybacking on the previous tip, use your self tanner efficiently. Don’t just let it dry out in the back of the shelf because you forgot you still had half a bottle ready. Try to make a list or schedule of when you self tanned last and try to gauge the amount of self tanner left. This may sound so meticulous but it’s going to help you out on your future expenses when it comes to more self tanning. m\-|t\-m

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