How To Save On Self Tanners

If you are spending a lot of money to book a room in a hotel close to the beach just so you can get the opportunity to tan your skin through sun bathing then you are not being practical. The same thing can be said if you are just going out of your way to drive to your local tanning salon or maybe a reputable tanning salon out of town just so you can get bronze in preparation for the holidays. The truth is that the modern age has opened up various methods to get that tanned appearance without having to spend a lot of money. Thanks to the manufacturing of self tanners, people can get that appealing skin tone while still being able to save money. But did you know that you there are ways to get more savings while using self tanners? self tanner discount

  • Removing Old Tan: In cases wherein you are still tanned, or for future purposes, gently rub the tanned areas of your body in a circular motion. By following this method, you can neatly remove the color build up in a gradual manner and prevent patches from happening. Make sure that you do this using a gentle body scrub or polish and do so on the fourth and fifth day of the tan.
  • Before Tanning: Always remember to exfoliate and moisturize your skin the day before you use your self tanner. Having exfoliating tools such as exfoliating gloves and a dry brush is a bonus but using your wash cloth is always a good start. If you have body scrubs then put an ample amount of it on your palm before you bath or shower and apply it and massage it on your skin in a circular motion. And give extra attention on dry areas like elbows, the knees and the feet. And in case you need to wax or shave, make sure that you do this a day before you tan so as to give your skin time to relax.
  • Time: One of the most important things that you should do to optimize your tanning experience is to give yourself more time when you are applying your tan. Doing so ensures that the amount you put on your palm and put on your body or the tan that you spray on your body is optimized leading to maximizing your self tanner which leads to more savings. At the same time, taking your time when you are tanning yourself lessens the chances of you getting patchy results and or blotches on your skin.

There will always be ways for you to save more money and still be able to get that tanned appearance.

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