Black Friday is a Great Chance to Save Money Buying Self Tanners

Much of the summer is spent trying to relish the warmth of the season as well as getting the ideal shade of bronze to complement your activities. Some of the known methods of tanning are sunbathing and using a tanning bed. While these may sound very tempting, tanning through these options can actually put you at risk for cancer.

Why is that so? Sunbathing and tanning beds make use of UV rays to get your skin to be dark brown. UV rays are an undesirable radiation which has been proven to aid in the chances of getting cancer, specifically skin cancer. With consistent exposure to UV rays, there’s no surprise that you might get skin cancer, or another type of cancer, in the long run.

beach-sand-girl-shore-53120It’s due to this concern that self tanners were concocted. Self tanners make use of various chemicals to get the bronze glow. While they may be dubbed as fake tan, these tanners are a better alternative to the risk of getting cancer.

It’s no surprise that self tanners have slowly gotten the interest of various individuals. With its promise to give you a great tan and quite a low chance of side effects, what’s not to like about it? To get a better start and understanding on how to optimize your purchase and usage of a self tanner, here are some tips you might want to remember:

– Try it out. Like most topical applications, self tanners may cause an allergic reaction. It’s best to test a product out prior to purchasing it or you might end up having a bronzer that you can’t use.

– Set schedules of when you would do some tanning. Self tanners can be tricky and need more maintenance. It’s best to have a schedule so you don’t have to purchase too much or too little of the bronzing agent.

– Get all the materials needed in one go. Much like going through grocery shopping, you might want to list down. Some of the basics are: self tanner, tanning mitts and/or tanning spray. Whichever method you’re hoping to use for self tanning should also be a factor on your purchases.

One of the known self tanner companies, Thermalabs, provides natural self tanners. This means that their bronzers are concocted with organic ingredients thus you’re not dabbing unknown chemicals on your skin. Now, despite it being natural, you still have a leverage on the tone of your skin.

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