How to Score Great Photos with Your Perfect Tan

If you have it, flaunt it. This is a phrase we here often when we have good physical qualities about ourselves. Getting a tan can be quite a flattering outcome thus it’s not surprising that many tanned individuals take as much pictures of their tan as they can.

While looking great with your tan in real life can be quite the achievement, trying to find the best shot for your tan can be a difficult task to achieve. If you’re someone who isn’t too keen with trying to find your most flattering angle, trying to get a good shot of your tan is going to be quite the task.

Not to worry, here are some tips that can help you sort that issue and hopefully bring more flair to your future pictures once you’ve gotten your perfect tan:

  • Make sure your tan is perfect. Nothing like a bad photo with a tan that’s not up to your standards. If you’re having difficulty on trying to get an even tone, you can make use of self tanners or tanning lotion to tweak the shade. If you have some light spots, a little bit of self tanner can go a long way to sorting out how your tan looks.


  • Be aware of where you’re taking the photograph. While selfies tend to be quite spontaneous, directed photographs have to take in mind the composition of the setting. You’ll want to be in a setting where the background is not too bright or not too saturated.


  • Your clothes determine who well you’d look. Most individuals opt for lighter colors, usually in a pastel spectrum, cool colors or neutral ones. These colors help bring out your tan. No one wants to wear a very loud shirt as it can get in the way of your tan. Mix and match the colors; the usual combination is a neutral color and one of the lighter colors on the spectrum.


  • Take good care of your tan. Getting a tan is the first step. Trying to maintain is the next step, and the hardest one on the list. Try to moisturize your skin as often as possible and avoid scrubbing off your skin as it can ruin your tan.


  • Be confident with yourself. Nothing says a great picture than someone being comfortable with how they look.


Achieving the perfect tan might be daunting but with some trial and error plus getting the hang of which tanning method works best for you; you’re sure to rock your photographs with an awesome tan to improve your look. ){