How To Self Tan Evenly

Trying to get a perfect tan is a feat that not many individuals can achieve. Sunbathing and indoor tanning provide a wide coverage but can be dangerous to your skin in the long run. It’s due to this fact that many tanning addicts have slowly made use of self tanners as a means to getting one’s tan.

Self tanning is by no means easy. Contrary to the two aforementioned methods, self tanning is an application-reliant tan. If you’re new to this method, you’re bound to experience a lot of streaking or uneven tone. Thus, to avoid such mishaps, here are some tips to keep in mind to make your self tan come out even:

  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin prior to your self tanning session. The latest you can exfoliate is a day before you conduct your self tanning. For waxing, you’ll want to wax your body hair at least two days prior to applying the self tanner. Waxing causes your pores to widen thus if you do it a day before you may get clogged pores. Additionally, avoid waxing after your tanning session since waxing strips tend to peel off a layer of your skin in the process.
  • Make use of a fresh self tanner to avoid any clumpy residue when you apply the tanning lotion. If you want a self tanner that bolsters up your skin, you can make use of Thermalabs. Each of their self tanners is concocted with organic ingredients thus helps nourish your skin during each self tanning session.
  • Avoid using old or dirty tanning mitts or airbrushes. Dirty mitts can get in the way of an overall good tan due to uneven surface as well as discoloration on the surface of the mitt. Dirty airbrushes can cause clogging thus an uneven spray tan as a result. Make sure to clean your items after each use to avoid this mishap.
  • Prior to getting a self tanning session, make sure to thoroughly erase or cleanse your previous tan. This clears out the color so you can start with a fresh palette thus making sure that the overall tone of your new tan matches all over the parts of your body.
  • Before moving around, dry yourself up. If you happen to be the busybody and plan to move around while your self tanner is drying, that’s a mishap in the making. Sweat, furniture and other surfaces that you bump into can ruin your tan. Stay in a open space with good ventilation to avoid sweating a lot and avoid staining your furniture.