How to Self Tan for Less

With the rise of the harmful melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, it’s no surprise that a lot of individuals have begun to turn to self tanners to get their tanning fix. Despite it being the healthier option, self tanners can not only be meticulous but also cost you. If you’re hoping to get your tan but not busting too much of a buck, you’ll want to try these tips to be able to enjoy a cost-effective self-tanning experience.

  • Be familiar of your skin type. Buying self tanners that don’t work out with your skin is not only costly but can also lead to serious skin repercussions. Try out certain skin tests before settling on one from the market. If you’re hoping to start with something that doesn’t have lot of chemicals laced in it, why not buy yourself a self tanner from Thermalabs?
  • Make sure to have your skin exfoliated beforehand. Not exfoliating your skin can cause an uneven tan which makes a bad tanning experience. The only way to rectify this would be to tan again thus costing more. A simple cleansing using a body scrub can do wonders.
  • If you’re hoping to cut costs on buying a commercial self tanner, why not make one at home? Certain ingredients such as tea, cocoa powder and even coffee are good bases for self tanners. In order for you to make one, mix one of the mentioned bases with some lotion. You can also control how dark the hue is with how much powder you used for your DIY self-tanner.
  • If you happen to put a little more color than usual or the self-tanner has dried oddly, try to use curdled milk or lemon to erase it. Mix some of the milk with a bit of lemon and let it sit for an hour until it becomes a pasty consistency. Then apply it on the affected area, letting it stay on your skin for 15 minutes tops. This should not only rectify the mishap but also leave your skin with a smoother complexion.
  • Moisturize after you self tan. Keeping your skin moisturize is a key factor in keeping a good tan. While you can chug down as much liquids as possible, trying to keep your skin hydrated is a different matter. Avoid topical applications that have a lot of retinol since this ingredient burns off your tan. Make use of more natural moisturizers such as aloe vera gels.