How To Self Tan Hard To Reach Areas

Self tanning has become quite the beloved approach to getting one’s tan. Not only is it a time-efficient approach to getting one’s tan, it’s also the healthiest method. With the rise of skin cancer through the years, it’s not really surprising that self tanners have made a name for themselves.

Using a self tanner is quite a feat in itself. If you’re not accustomed to applying it, chances are you might get to a lot of mishaps. No matter how well versed one is with using a self tanner to get their tan, there is certain areas that we can’t get right; despite the numerous trials we’ve done. These areas could be your knees, elbows and your back. If we don’t have a companion during our self tanning sessions, trying to tan your certain areas by yourself is a challenge in itself.

One particular spot would be your back. There’s only so much you can do with your reach. If you’re using a tanning mitt, you might have to use a mirror to be able to guage where you’ve already applied on your back as well as dabbing the color lightly. Or you might also try using towelettes to add the tone, it can also lead to possible streaking. No matter what you do, trying to tan your back is quite an obstacle if self tanning alone.

To sort out the inconvenience of tanning your back by yourself, Thermalabs has created the self tanner back applicator. This particular item comes with a sponge that you use as a medium to applying the self tanner. The sponge itself aids in an even application of the self tanner though if you’re a little unsettled, a mirror can still be a great asset. The tool gives you the opportunity to apply the tanning lotion on the areas that your arms can’t reach to.

One great thing about the Thermalabs back applicator is it can be reused; though you may want to change your sponge after some time. You can make use of lukewarm water to wash off any excess self tanner that has adhered to the sponge and viola, your back applicator is goof to go for the next tanning session.

It’s also quite travel friendly since the back applicator comes with a pouch that makes it easier to pack up and put into any bag. This makes self tanning quite convenient no matter where you go!