How to Setup, Fold and Keep Your Beach Tent


If you have plans of spending your holidays at the beach, make sure to bring a beach tent with you. Here are the steps on how to setup and clean up your beach tent.

Beach Tent_Setup

  1. Push together.

The first step is to pick up the folding beach tent and push it together. When pushing it together, make sure that the folding beach tent is going inside of the folds, and not outside. This helps keep your tent organized and safe. Make sure to hold on to the fold properly and carefully as the tent may again spread out or the folded parts spill out of the folds.

  1. Fold.

Carefully fold the tent in half, making sure that the ends meet properly. Be careful as the springs in the tent mat cause it to pop out again, or worse, even snap. Make sure that the previously folded parts do not unfold or spill out when doing this. Hold the folded tent with one hand to assure that the folding tent is in place.

  1. Rotate.

Following the previous instruction, you should be holding the tent with just one hand, in the tip. Now, rotate the tent by 90 degrees, still with the hand that you used to hold it with.

  1. Release thumb then push down.

Now that you have rotated your folding beach tent, carefully release your thumb from the frame, making sure that the frame you released is the one nearer to your body. After releasing your thumb, the tent will expand a bit.

Since the tent expanded a little bit after releasing your thumb, push down the topmost frame opposite to your holding hand. When pushing down, make sure that you are turning the tent towards you. In this way, you are folding the tent inside itself, making a circular shape, rather than folding it just in half.

  1. Pull your other hand.

While you are rotating the tent and pushing it down, the hand that you used to hold the two frames earlier should also be going towards you, creating a circle. This may be a little bit hard to imagine, but doing this part simultaneously with step five intuitively turns your folding beach tent into a circular shape.

  1. Compress and store.

Upon completing the circle, your tent should now be folded. Congratulations! Make sure that the folding beach tent is properly folded, or it may spring out again if left unattended or improperly stored. Compress the tent, pushing out excess air and securing the frames in place. Folding beach tents comes with a carry bag so make sure to place your tent inside those afterwards.