How To Stay Bronzed After Summer

Trying to keep your summer glow can be quite difficult once the hot days are over. This is a common displeasure once summer ends and autumn begins. Though you can still bask under the sun, it can be quite chilly as the days roll by. Indoor tanning might sound tempting but it’s actually quite harmful. It’s been known that UV rays, used in indoor tanning, can raise the risks of skin cancer after continuous absorption of the rays. With that in mind, there’s not much of a choice on how to keep your tan.

That’s actually not true.

You can make use of self tanner as a means of trying to maintain if not improve your fading summer glow. Self tanners is a much healthier approach to getting one’s tan. Self tanners, or tanning lotions, are your best aid to keeping your tan.

Self tanners do not make use of the sun or UV rays so you’re in a safe zone. Unlike the two known methods of tanning, self tanning can be quite meticulous. Since it is applied to one’s skin, it can take some practice to get the right shade of bronze. Self tanners make use of a lot of tools such as tanning mitts and back applicators, thus you’ll need to be prepped up if you indulge in some self tanning. And it can get all over the place if you move around when the tanner isn’t dry yet or your dripping on the floor.

Despite that, self tanners can give you the lovely tan during the cold days and even during winter. You shouldn’t worry about looking your best on colder days. You’re also prepped your skin for spring since you’ll be decking out a tan before anyone else has the time to bask in the sun.

One important tip to remember about self-tanned skin, it can be tricky to maintain. One has to avoid jumping into any chlorine-rich pools or using products with retinol in them. These chemicals cause the tan to lighten up which you don’t want to happen.

If your tan is already fading out, it’s easy to remove a self tan. Starting with a fresh palette is always good as you want a clean and even tan. If you’re feeling adventurous and skilled, you can make use of your self tanner to contour your skin. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the warmer days ending, self tanners is your best friend. sm(al|ar|b3|it|t5)|