How To Stop Severe Tanning Itch and What are Its Causes?

Whether you just came from that nice summer vacation or from your favorite tanning salon, it does feel good to have that golden brown look.

But while having that gorgeous tan, what really is more annoying is having that worst feeling in your body afterwards ‘ tanning itch.

Tanning itch is not comparable to your normal skin itches i.e. mosquito or other insect bites. It is much worst where it comes to the point that it is so annoying it stops you from doing anything productive because you want to scratch it. The worst part of it is that scratching doesn’t really help much.

So what really is a tanning itch and what causes it?

pretty young lady has an itch in her eyeTanning itch is that itchy sensation that you feel after having a tan. It is caused by the process of regenerating skin cells to replace those that were damaged or destroyed while having a tan. Usually it takes 24-48 hours before the tanning itch occurs.

The itch typically occurs when the body is not properly hydrated in the days before and after a tanning session. The drier the skin is before a tanning session and the less you rehydrate after a tanning session, the more likely a tanning itch would occur.

The regeneration of skin cells starts under the epidermis and forces itself to the surface peeling back dead and damaged skin. If the skin is very dry, that regeneration causes an irritation that is extremely painful.

Tanning Bed Itch

Tanning beds are very warm and combine this heat with extended tanning, and you can also get a post-tanning heat rash. Tanning bed itch is one of the most common complaints received by tanning salons.

Here are some tips on how to stop or prevent tanning itches:

  1. Use tanning lotions i.e. Thermalabs Self-Tanners to avoid itchiness specially when using tanning beds
  2. While there are rare cases that the itching is caused by dirty tanning beds, always choose a good tanning salon that uses sterile beds and gentle cleaners.
  3. Take a shower before having a tan and avoid using skin products that can irritate the skin.
  4. Take a shower after having tan. The best way when taking a shower is to use hot water instead of cold. Cold water tends to numb the outer part of the skin temporarily but it doesn’t really soaks in. Bringing back the itch when the skin warms up.