How to Take Care of Your Hair when Sunbathing

Tanning is one the most raved about approach to beauty. With so many benefits that a tan can give you, it’s no surprise that most individuals wouldn’t think twice of jumping into the trend. While we can make use of self tanners as an alternative approach to tanning, one of the most convenient and cheap way to get a tan is sunbathing.

Not only can you do it in most open areas, you don’t really need much. Sunbathing has to take quite a lot of patience and discipline as no one wants to be cooked alive from basking in the sun too much.
There is one big hurdle when it comes to sunbathing and that has to be taking care of your hair. With so much exposure to the sun, you can’t help but wonder just how much heat can your hair take? No one really wants to suffer frizzy hair after a much needed soaking for your tan.

No need to despair as there are certain tips that you can keep in mind to avoid getting your hair burnt under the heat.

  • You’ll have to bring your trusty hair conditioner and lather your hair from tip to the roots. It’s best not to put into too much as it will run down and cause a mess and a waste of conditioner; put enough to keep your hair damp. Soaking much of the sun’s rays helps in starting the nourishment from your conditioner but you’ll need to apply a mist of water, with a spray bottle to keep your hair from drying up.
  • You may want to tan in intervals. Much like your skin, your hair also needs to rest from the sun from time to time. Make a schedule of when you’re planning to soak a tan and give yourself some breaks. You’ll also need these breaks to rehydrate.
  • Don’t bunch your hair up. If you’re planning to go do some sunbathing, let your hair loose. Tying it up or teasing it can cause further damage which will also leave your hair with more than just a frizz.
  • Hats and umbrellas actually help you out. If you’d like to keep your hair safe, especially after a sunbathing session, you’ll want to use a loose hat like that of a push-button hat or umbrellas. Shielding your hair from further damage helps in the recovery process and you’ll also look wonderful with the choice of accessory.

Your hair too is important so never miss out on taking care of it. After all, having great skin is best complemented with having great hair. |p\-)|sdk\/|se(c(\-|0|1)|47|mc|nd|