How to Take a Great Selfie of Your Perfect Tan

Retro pin up girl using moblie taking self photo selfie. Humor technology.

Taking a selfie is a great way of boosting your self-confidence or showing your latest fashion style. Selfie is the latest craze in social media right now. Everybody is taking their selfies from the most prominent people in the world like celebrities down to ordinary citizens. It’s very irresistible when you can see selfies in almost all social media accounts.

Aren’t you excited to post your perfectly tanned photo in your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter account? Now that you’ve got something to be proud of, why not post your selfies and show off your flawlessly tanned skin? But did you know that there are ways of how to capture a great selfie to highlight and make your tan noticeable? Read on below to know how to take your most striking pose.

  • Prepare yourself for a perfect pose

Before you take a selfie make sure you have a clear skin or that you look perfect. Definitely you would not want to look shiny or oily in your picture, or with your makeup fading and your hair frizzy. Apply face powder on your face and retouch your makeup if necessary. If you need to reapply a self tanning product, try applying a moisturizer with gradual tan to add color to your skin.

  • Find the perfect light

Right amount of light, not too bright and not too dark, is the key to take a good shot. Perfect light can add enhancement to your looks, your skin, hair and everything.

  • Find a perfect background

Your background can also enhance your selfie. If you are trying to highlight your tan, look for a light-colored background. Don’t go to a dark background or else your background will be more emphasized than what you are trying to show.

  • Find your perfect angle

Find your perfect angle then pose great and you will certainly look great in your selfie. To find your perfect angle, experiment different poses to determine your good side. Make an interesting expression like smiling, whacky pose, serious side, silly side and many others.

  • Highlight your asset

You can take a snap shot of your body part that you think is your best asset. Selfie does not always mean it involves your face. For example, you want to take a selfie of your legs after applying your favorite self tanning solution. Simply aim your camera straight down and take a shot. Or you want to capture your back, you can use a selfie stick or monopod to give it a shot.

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