How to Tan Safely with Self-Tanners

summer fashion woman with beach hat.If you are someone who enjoys sunbathing because of the tanning effect it gives you that makes you feel good, then it is important for you know how to safely get yourself tanned. These days, people have a variety of options in how to go about getting that desirable bronzed skin. Some prefer the conventional manner of going to the beach to sunbathe for a number of hours while some who do not have the fortune to book a room close to the beach prefer getting themselves tanned in the local tanning spa. On the other hand, there is also the growing number of people who prefer to get tanned practically through the use of self tanners. However, it is equally important for you to know how to properly and safely get yourself tanned otherwise your skin might end up damaged and at the worse, you might end up getting skin cancer. So how do you go about tanning yourself safely?

  • Understand The Process: One of the first things that you have to know is how the tanning process works. In case you are not familiar with how the tanning process works, tanning basically is the process of cells in your skin protecting you from harmful ultra-violet rays that the sun emits as oppose to the idea that you get a glamorous bronzed look. That is basically the result of your skin protecting you and if you get too much exposed to these rays, your skin is likely to develop skin cancer. This is where tan comes in and is your skin’s way of protecting it from these harmful rays.
  • Avoid Tanning Pills: Avoid taking tanning pills because they contain a chemical dye that can potentially turn your skin to orange and eventually damage your liver.
  • Use a Self Tanner:There is a reason why self-tanners were manufactured and why a growing number of people are resorting to self-tanners as compared to going to tanning salons or sunbathing in beaches. One of the reasons why using a self-tanner is safer is because it uses a chemical called dihydroxyacetone which dyes the skin’s dead cells and only lasts up until a specific duration. In addition, self tanners are often applied using tanning mitts like Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt. And speaking of Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, it comes along with a handy mini mitt that you put on your finger so you can conveniently and efficiently apply an ample amount of tanning solution on sensitive areas of your face such as the area around the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Going for Thermalabs’ Ultimitt also gives you a package that offers a 1 year guarantee and is durable enough that you need not replace it in a short period of time regardless if you use it a number of times, not to mention that the mitt is made out of high-quality fiber. Since it is bigger than your regular mitt, it prevents streaks and covers more area. It also comes with a poly bag where you can keep it safe to avoid stains.

While there is nothing wrong with self-gratification, you should always prioritize your health one hundred percent of the time.