How to Use Olive Oil to Get a Natural Tan


There are many ways to get a natural tan, some will cost you and some you’ll find in your kitchen. The one we will be talking about here is the use of olive oil. This oil has moisturizing properties that can be absorbed by the skin making it smooth and soft like a baby’s skin. It can also help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun keeping your skin safe from absorbing too much sunshine. In order to be successful in using this kind of tanning agent, you should know how to identify the right kind of olive oil for your skin and avoid using the kind that is used for food. You should also know how to use this kind of oil in your skin in order to make your sun tanning a success. Here are some tips on how to use olive oil to get that natural tan you’ve always wanted.

  • Use the right type of olive oil

Fresh rosemary and olive oil in a rustic wooden setting, closeupThere are different types of olive oils available in any market near your home. This includes the extra virgin olive oils which are pure, and a lot of processed olive oils that undergo processes to refine the oil. The best one for your skin is the extra virgin olive oil as it is pure and it does not contain any artificial ingredients.

  • Use olive oil as a moisturizer before tanning

Olive oil has moisturizing agents that can be absorbed by the skin making if smoother and softer than ever. As it moisturizes your skin, it prevents the skin from absorbing too much sunlight that can cause great damage to your skin cells and it also prevents the skin from drying as you undergo sun tanning. Having applied this to your skin before getting a tan, it will also help refining the color you want for your tan.

  • Use it properly to maximize the effect

To apply olive oil to the body, you can use your hands or a cloth to rub it around the body especially the parts that are going to be exposed in the sun. Be sure to also apply in your face because this is the area that will be exposed to the sun the most. You can also use olive oil as a exfoliating agent combining it with sugar or coffee grounds as it adds moisture to your scrub and therefore preparing your skin for the tanning process.

These are some of the important things you’ll need to know when you plan to use olive oil to help in tanning. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be a pro when it comes to tanning your skin naturally ad safely with the help of using olive oil.