How To Workout Without Self Tanning Stains on Your Gym

Tanned skin can be quite an appealing aesthetic. In fact, most bodybuilders sport tanned skin when they strut their hard-earned muscles on stage. It’s proven that the bronze tone can give your muscles quite a definition and the allure can really give you a lot of points.

Normally, tanned skin can be achieved via sunbathing or indoor tanning. While sunbathing is a cost-efficient approach to getting tanned skin, it takes a lot of time to give you the summer glow. Lying down on the ground for hours on end doesn’t sound quite appealing to a lot of individuals. Indoor tanning can be a good alternative but it puts claustrophobic people at a disadvantage. Regardless of the straightforward cons, these methods give you, they are actually quite hazardous to your health. Exposing yourself to a lot of UV rays can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. No one wants to get such a dangerous diagnosis while getting your tan. The best way to get your tanning sorted out is through self-tanning.

While this may be a revelation, self-tanning can be tricky to workaround if you’re not well-versed with it. Firstly, it is a topical application of a tan so that can be a disadvantage to some especially the very active people. To avoid staining your beloved gym clothes, here are some tips to consider when you’re going for a self-tan:

  • Schedule your self-tanning session on the night before your rest day. It’s important to let your body rest from time to time thus you’ll want to get a break. Use the time to put some self-tanner on you. Without having to go to the gym the next day, you’re giving yourself time for the self-tanner to be totally absorbed into your skin. Before you do that though, make sure to exfoliate your skin and wax off the excess body hair. You don’t want the tanner to clump up with somebody’s hair.
  • Avoid doing strenuous exercises before the self-tanner dries off. Try to do your self-tanning when you’re cooled down already. This prevents your body from sweating so you don’t have any streaking from happening.
  • Wear loose and dark gym clothes. If you’re too antsy for the adrenaline of lifting weights, don some dark clothing to avoid the possibility of staining them. It would still be a good idea to hold off on hitting the gym since some sweat can ruin a good tan.