Importance of Moisturizing in Self Tanning

Pretty young woman applying body cream on legs.You can’t pass a day without drinking, whether it’s juice, coffee or water. Same with your skin, it needs to drink to be kept hydrated. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated especially after tanning. It does not only help you prolong your tan, but the care you give your skin will last a lifetime, not only endure for just one day. Here are some of the biggest reasons to keep your skin always hydrated, especially after using your favorite self tanner products.

  • Moisturizing, the key to maintain your tan

In the regimen of tanning, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin are the most essential and the top secret to achieve a great, healthy looking tan. Keeping your skin hydrated by applying moisturizing oil, lotion, or vitamins will prevent your skin from drying. Dry skin can lead to flaking or skin peeling, thus taking off your tan easily. Therefore to make your tan last longer you need to moisturize regularly.

  • Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy

Moisturizing products are designed to keep water in the skin. It has ingredients such as humectants, occlusive and emollients that perform essential role in keeping the skin hydrated. Humectants are a substance which attracts and absorbs air around to water the skin cells. On hot or windy days, you notice your skin gets dry. Occlusive helps prevent water loss in the skin and emollients fill in spaces between skin cells to smoothen rough and flaking skin.

  • Moisturizing helps skin stay younger

Without moisture, your skin will become dry. When the skin is dry, it invites more skin aging signs such as wrinkles and skin sagging. Maintaining your skin with moisturizers, especially with collagen, aids in slowing down the aging of the skin. A skin nourished with moisturizer daily would help concealing the real age of a person, even though she/he might be an elderly person. Thus moisturizers won’t let you down.

  • Moisturizing helps protect the skin

Moisturizers with SPF help protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. UV rays stimulate skin pigmentation and aging. Other than that, UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer. Severe skin dryness and oiliness of the skin can cause skin problems like acne. Moisturizer’s role is to maintain and balance the skin’s dryness and oiliness.

Moisturizing daily is very important. Be sure to choose the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

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