Dear and valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to fill this application.

In our ongoing effort to create the best self-tanning brand in the world, we strive to create products that are the best they can be in every way.

And the same exact passion that we have for creating beauty products that will make you look sexy – goes also into how we formulate our premium formulas: It’s why we never stop working to find the best natural and organic ingredients while conserving the resources we all need to thrive.
Creating the best self tanning products doesn’t happen overnight. But we can work together, to get better every day and deliver the most advanced, pure and healthy self tanning products to you.

By joining our beta testing group, you will help us achieve our goals while enjoying some wonderful benefits yourself: we will send you samples of new products we develop, ask you to participate in special test groups, request your honest and unbiased review as well as send you special promotions that are reserved to our elite members only.

As a thank you gift for signing up to our beta-testing group we will send you a full rebate* (using paypal) for the product you’ve just purchased once you write an unbiased review about it. Once you’re approved as a member you will receive an email with a link to leave a review and a simple explanation how to notify us that your review was posted so we will issue the rebate!

Since this group must stay very intimate, we must limit the registration till September 30th, 2014 or once all spots are taken. Once all spots will be taken this page will no longer be active and you will see a red sign “ALL SPOTS TAKEN” (instead of a signup form) when you return to this page.

If you’ve received an invitation and arrived to see the All Spots Taken sign, we apologize but promise to open registration again once we are ready to accept more beta-testers.

Please provide the following information to be accepted as a member:

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