Is Self-Tanned Skin Low Maintenance?

Self tanners is the healthiest approach to getting one’s tan. With the absence of the sun or even UV rays, you put yourself on a better stance. Tanning through sunbathing or indoor tanning has been found to heighten the chances of skin cancer. It’s due to these methods that skin cancer has risen to being one of the most common cancers found across the globe.

While self tanners are a very good approach to tanning, they require quite a lot of patience and understanding before using immediately. This is one of the mistakes that first timers make and thus end up with a bad tan. Getting a self tan is a step to enjoying a tan but keeping it is going to be tricky.

Self tanned skin isn’t low maintenance but it is the most malleable kind of tan you can get. It can be difficult to understand how to take care of self-tanned skin but in the long run, you can definitely get the grips.

For starters, self-tanned skin does not work well with skin care products containing retinol. Retinol is a chemical that can easily erase one’s faux tan. You may want to avoid getting skin care products with retinol in them to maintain a great self tan.

Aside from that, avoid diving into the pool any time soon. Chlorine is a sure way to getting your skin to lighten up. If you’ve recently put on your tan, better skip on the pool for now.

These are some of the struggles with self tan but aside from that you don’t need to worry. Make sure to apply some moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated since dry skin can ruin a good tan. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your body in a good condition as well.