Keep Your Sports Bra from Rubbing off Your Self-Tan

Tanning has gone through various methods to be achieved. The most favorable method is self tanning. Not only are you using only a fraction of time needed for tanning compared to sunbathing or tanning through a tanning bed; it’s also the safest choice. With the cases of skin cancer going up, it’s no surprise that sunless tanning or self tanners have dominated the favors as a method of tanning.

Unfortunately, one big downside of self tanning is how tangible it can be. One big downside is how it can be rubbed off due to rigorous activity. This can be quite the inconvenience especially having to touch up the areas wherein your tan has already been erased. There’s actually a way around this concern and in order to do that, you have to start with how you do your tan. This is usually a result when you didn’t wash your tan right. Or it could be that you had residue left on your skin this whole time.

As surprising as that may sound, one factor is did you exfoliate before doing your tan?

Exfoliation is an important step to self tanning since they get rid of the exterior layer of dead skin cells. This means that you’re also applying your tan on a fresh layer of younger and healthier skin. If your skin is easily rubbed off that means it’s the layer of dead skin cells or impurities that wasn’t washed off previously.

Another would be, did you make sure to wipe off any excess tan after your tanning session? The residue tan can actually adhere to your skin as oppose to seeping into your pores. This leads to having a layer of tan that sits on top of your skin. Since your clothing consistently rubs on this area, it’s not surprising for it to be easily removed during activities.

If that’s not the case, it could also be due to the friction of your breasts or with the sports bra. You can add a little more tan to these areas since they fade much easily compared to the other parts of your body. Additionally, you can also add a bit of lotion in specific spots where you know the tan easily rubs off; though that might be a little uncomfortable as you work out.

Whichever the case may be, you can try out the provided explanations to get the tanning woes away from your work out sessions. No one wants to ruin a good tan after all. (70|m\-|