Keep Your Tanned Skin Moisturized

Knowing how to keep your tanned skin moisturized is important especially when spring break comes and it is common knowledge that tans easily fade at this time of the year. The good news is that there are ways to keep that tanned look for a longer period of time while being able to keep your skin moisturized and healthy at the same time.

Hydrate: One factor that causes tans to easily fade is because the skin is dry and this happens when it is not hydrated. However, drinking lots of water keeps your skin from becoming dry and contributes to its health. This prevents the skin from becoming dry and from becoming too easy to exfoliate. At least try to drink 8 glasses of water in a day.

Tannning_MoisturizeMoisturize: Remember that keeping that tanned skin requires you to keep your skin from becoming dry and this means applying moisturizing products on your skin helps keep the tan intact. Applying it at least once every morning and evening will keep your skin hydrated. In case you have oily skin, try using water-based moisturizers because they help keep your skin from looking too shiny.

Self Tanner: It would be troublesome to go to the beach or to a tanning spa just to get a retouch for your tan hence having a self tanner at home is always great. Applying a self tanner gives you the opportunity to retouch only on those areas that the tan is no longer prominent. Make sure that you apply the self tanner as instructed on the product.

Aloe Vera: Having an aloe vera based lotion on areas of the skin particularly on areas that have sunburns helps in keeping the tan from fading away and at the same time, helps keep the skin healthy. Make sure to observe spots that are always exposed to the sun like your nose bridge, the shoulders and or the chest. Also do the same on spots wherein freckles develop though refrain from using aloe vera multiple times in a day because it can become ineffective due to the areas being over-saturated by aloe vera oil. Make sure that the skin is dry before applying aloe vera based lotion on it.

Cold Showers: Taking a hot shower contributes to the skin’s dryness and taking a lukewarm or cold shower is better in keeping the tan on your skin. At the same time, try not to stay in the shower for long periods of time because this also contributes to the tan fading away.

Using a moisturizer and self tanning products is always a good start when it comes to keeping your tanned skin moisturized. However, do not limit it to just using these products and actively make an effort in keeping that tanned look.