Maintain A Natural-Looking Tan For All Season

Trying to keep your self tan is a big hurdle. One of the biggest obstacle is the changing temperatures especially the shift in the seasons. Our skin tends to shed when seasons change thus it can be hard to keep a perfect tan if you’re currently transitioning to the next season.

Though that can be a downer, there are ways where you can maintain a wonderful summer glow without having to do extra work. To get it started, it’s always a good idea to get rid of old self tan. Old self tan can look dull the longer it stays on your skin or even flake off. Cleansing will be a good approach to getting rid of this layer of dead skin cells while also prepping your skin for the next bout of self tan.

To maintain a healthy tan, don’t skip moisturizing. Moisturizing helps you skin stay supple and glowing. This also avoids your skin from drying and flaking off. Dry skin can easily ruin your tan as it disrupts the overall tone of your body.

Make sure to use skin care products that do not contain retinol. Retinol is a chemical that can erase your self tan thus you want to avoid it. Try to check the labels of each skin care product you’re opting to buy to avoid getting the mishap of using a retinol-based skin care product.

Use the same self tanner if possible. Changing self tanners can be tricky since the composition of one self tanner is not the same as the other. It’s always a great idea to stick to one but if you would like to shift to a different tanner, why not make use of one that has organic sources? You can benefit from a great tan while also enjoying the nourishment that an organic tanner can provide.