Maintain Your Gorgeous Summer Glow All Year Round

It’s no surprise that getting a tan is one of the hottest trends during summer. Summer may be a passing season but that doesn’t mean the fun lasts there. If you’re in a dilemma once summer is going to end, not to worry. While the following seasons can no longer provide you the much needed exposure from the sun, you can turn to using self tanners to keeping your summer glow.

tattoo-1205137_1280Self tanners are a topical product that provides individuals with a tan without the need of using UV rays. With the aid of various chemicals, you can achieve the bronze shade that once was only achieved through sunbathing. While this sunless tanning may be coined as a fake tan, you’re actually doing yourself a service. The sun’s UV rays, as tempting as sunbathing can be, can actually cause skin cancer. In fact, having a tan while being under the sun’s exposure not only raises the risk of harm to your body but also amplify the damage that UV rays can cause.

While self tanners may be the healthier approach to tanning, an important note about this beauty product is, they can be quite tedious and need commitment. Unlike sunbathing or tanning through a tanning bed, you’ll have to prepare your body for self tanning. You’ll need to exfoliate your skin thoroughly as well as to trim or shave off excess body hair. Not only that but you’ll want to set the space around you too; you’ll want to cover the floors with old newspaper to avoid any dripping upon application.

It may sound like a chore but self tanners deliver a good tan that can be at par with the conventional methods of tanning. In fact, a self tanner can aid in contouring your body so you’ll be able to hide your flaws for all year long.

While self tanners may aid in prolonging your desired tan, maintaining it can be tricky. A good way to maintain good skin is to consistently moisturize it and exfoliate when needed. Having bad skin will not only cause your tan to break away easily but also make it a difficult palette for setting up yourself tan.

One other good way to aid your skin is by consuming food rich in beta-carotene. The compound has strong red-orange pigments that will help your skin gain a radiant glow while the antioxidants help in fighting off the damage caused by UV rays. All in all, having a good serving of beta-carotene benefits your body, be it for tanning or against UV rays.