Make Up Tips for a Newly Tanned Skin


Make up Tips or a Newly Tanned Skin

Finally you’re done with your self tanning regimen! You’ve got your most sought-after tan you’ve always wanted and you are about to go and show the world your gorgeous sun-kissed skin. Definitely you want a makeup that will flatter or compliment your tanned skin, right? The most important key to obtain a beaming skin is to choose the right color that blends with the intensity of your tan. The colors of the foundation, makeup, blush on and lipstick should be your focus followed by fashionable clothes and hairstyles. Well, here are some makeup tips on how to make your newly self tanned skin become more radiant as you put on the right makeup.

  • The Color of Your Foundation

In choosing the color of your foundation, base it first on the color of your skin tone. If you have a darker tan, choose lighter color so that the makeup you will put over it will match perfectly. Dark skin tone plus dark color foundation will only make you look overcooked. Apply lesser foundation so that your tan will not be covered up. If so, your tan will become useless.

  • The Color of Your MakeupGirl made up and coiffed by many hands

Makeup must go or blend with your foundation and tan. If you have dimmer skin, go for pale colors of makeup like baby pink, peach, silver or any light colors your prefer. If your tan is not that bronze or you just have a touch of tan, go for darker colors such as red rose, brown, blue, or purple or any intense color. Pale skin color plus pale colored makeup will make you look much too pale. So to bring glow on your skin, use bright color makeup. Just make sure you do not apply multiple color of makeup on your face, or else you will look like an overly decorated cake.

  • The Color of Your Lipstick

Match your lipstick with your makeup too. Your makeup should not contrast with your lipstick. For darker skin tone, use cream, peach, light pink, light shade of purple or any pale colored lipsticks. If you have paler skin tone, use bright colored lipsticks like brown, maroon, dark pink and many other darker colors.

As you can notice, the gist in achieving a perfectly match makeup with your tan is just simple. Use light colored makeup if you have darker skin tone and vice versa, use darker or brighter color of makeup if you have paler skin tone.

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