Make Up Tips to Enhance Your Tan

woman-1255321_640Have you already achieved your sun-kissed glow? Probably, you are very excited to go on your most awaited party or event. Or maybe you are very thrilled to take a selfie and show your friends in the social media how gorgeous your skin now. Now, do you want to make it always look good and make it last a bit longer than its usual duration? Well, make up is a great help to boost your tan and bring your complexion to life all the more. But it doesn’t mean you can put any make up you want. Instead, identify first the intensity of your tan before you apply your make up. The following are make up tips to enhance your tan.>

  • Foundation ‘ Undoubtedly the first thing you should apply your face before anything else is your foundation. Picking the most appropriate color of your foundation should be based on your intensity of your tan. If you have a dark tan, then your foundation should only be light and vice versa. Do not apply too much foundation because it will cover your tan instead of enhancing it.
  • Blush on ‘ Of course, everybody loves how a baby cheek looks fresh. Create a youthful glow on your cheeks by using a bronzer instead of blush on. This is to create a highlight on your cheek bones. You can also apply bronzer on your nose and your jaw to enhance its shape or change its shape to a more desirable one.
  • Make up ‘ Base the color of your make up on your foundation and of course on your tan. Avoid mixing different and contrasting colors of make up, or else your face will look like an over decorated cake. If you used to use dark or black eyeliner, you need to shift pale ones just like deep warm brown.
  • Lipstick ‘ Choose vibrant shades of lipstick if you have slight shade of tan. But if your tan is intensely bronze then choose pale shades. Of course your make up should jive with the color of your lipstick, otherwise you will look like a clown. Applying a lip gloss right after your lipstick can make you a fresh looking lips.

Whatever combination of make up you want to apply, the bottom line is to blend a dark tan with lighter shade of make up and a darker shade of make up to a light tan. Imagine a dark skin tone plus a dark make up will make you look overcooked while a pale skin tone plus pale make up will make you look like a ghost. 5[0-3]|\-v)|vm40|voda|vulc|vx(52|53|60|61|70|80|81|83