Missing Spring Break but Keeping that Tan

When one hears the phrase Spring Break’, it’s usually a picture of the sun up high in the sky with a great set of friends by the beach. It’s no surprise that various individuals would take this time to get their fair share of the beach as it isn’t too hot to mingle under the sun.

Starfish in sunglassesWith the experience of frolicking by the beach, tanning comes as a result of being under the sun for so long. It’s common to see students assimilating back to their normal lives with a much darker shade of skin. If you’re keen on keeping the well-earned tan from your escapade during Spring Break, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Moisturizing is Key

After a long weekend of being under the sun, your skin has gone through quite a lot of punishment from the heat. While you may have applied some sun screen, this doesn’t mean that your skin has been provided with the much needed hydration.

In fact, if you do miss out on moisturizing, your skin tends to peel off more quickly. Peeling skin can mean that you’re missing out on the gorgeous tan you’ve earned. It’s always best to keep your skin moisturized every day.

Busy Body coming through

As students, finding some time to visit your local tanning salon or lying about in an open field can be quite time consuming. You can make use of a self tanner as an alternative. Have a friend to help you out on putting some of the concoction on your back. If you’re on a budget, you can also make use of some natural self tanners such as coffee and lotion.

You can set a schedule of when to apply some self tanners and remember to make use of old clothes lest you want to ruin new ones.

Pat yourself dry

When it comes to drying ourselves after a wonderful bath, we tend to wipe ourselves dry. Unfortunately, wiping does cause the skin to lose the bronze layer you’ve been happy to boast. Patting dry can be quite time consuming but it’s also not abrasive and you’d also lock in more moisture to your skin.

Eat more of the Beta-Carotenes

If you’ve been avoiding some carrots, now might be the time to start liking them. Beta-carotene rich food such as carrots, sweet potatoes and even some mangoes are great to keeping your tan. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid some vitamin C rich food as ascorbic acid aids in lightening your skin tone.
These tips should help you out on keeping the Spring Break color for quite some time.

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