Moisturizing Do’s And Dona��ts For Self Tanned Skin

Now, if you thought the struggle with self tanning ends with the application, you’re surely wrong. When it comes to taking care of one’s self tanned skin, there’s a lot of things that you’ll need to consider. Due to how tangible self tanned skin can be, it’s best to follow these tips to making sure your skin is well hydrated thus keeping your tan longer than usual.

If you weren’t aware, there are also some bad methods on how to moisturize your skin. If you’re one to consistently use of lotion, it’s best to avoid applying those rich in retinol since it removes the tan. This also lightens your skin so you wouldn’t want that to happen.

While there are a lot of moisturizers to use, there’s nothing wrong on keeping your hydration levels high. Being hydrated helps not only your skin but also aids your body in maintaining a tip-top condition. It’s especially important to keep yourself hydrated during the warmer season. If you’re not keeping your liquids up, skin becomes dry and brittle thus causing an unsightly tan.

It’s always a good idea to make use of a face cream for your face. Mixing your body cream on your face isn’t a great idea as the chemicals might be too strong. Make sure to choose a specific face cream that doesn’t contain retinol or else you’ll end up with a lighter facial complexion that might clash with your overall sunless tan.

Self tanned skin can be tricky to keep up. If you’re not sure on what topical applications work, you can make use of various moisturizers that are dedicated to soothing your self-tanned skin. These moisturizers are particularly crafted to make sure that they do not disrupt your hard-earned tan.

If you’re hoping to make use of more organic means, not to worry; using a more natural selection of moisturizing agents doesn’t make your self tanned skin less loved than you’d think. For starters, you can make use of aloe vera as a moisturizing agent. Another awesome hydrating ingredient is cucumbers; you can’t go wrong with the amount of H2O this vegetable brings.

Despite all the moisturizers that are listed, it’s always best to identify your skin type. Not only does knowing your skin type help you on how you should tan but also gives you the best idea on what moisturizing techniques work with your self tanned skin.