Natural Treatment for Sunburnt Skin

With the temperature raising things up a notch, it’s no surprise that much individuals opt to wear less coverage. While this does keep you from sweating a lot, it’s one of the leading causes of sunburns.
Sunburns are a common occurrence especially when you’ve missed out on putting some sunscreen before heading out. These burned areas don’t appear quickly; it takes the skin five hours to manifest a burn. No one really wants to have sunburns as they not only sting but they are quite sensitive to the abrasion of fabrics. On dire situations, blisters can rise thus causing more infection and more serious injuries.

If you or any one you know has their share of sunburns, you may want to try these natural remedies:
– Oatmeal: This cereal has soothing properties that help your skin in keeping in moisture which is necessary to healing sunburn.
You can cook the oatmeal until it has a runny consistency. Let it cool and apply on the burned area. Avoid rubbing it at all costs as rubbing causes the skin to be exfoliated. Let it dry and rinse with cool water.

– Milk: It’s ideal to make use of cold milk. The cool temperature aids in easing out the warmth from your skin while the protein from milk is a layer of protection from further damage.
Pour some milk on a soft towel or gauze and drape it on the affected area. Let it sit as long as needed and reapply as much as possible. If the milk does warm up, you can add some ice cubes to get the coolness back.

– Aloe Vera: It’s always been known that aloe vera is good for your skin especially when it comes to moisturizing. With its high moisture content, it’s one of the best natural treatments to burns. If you are growing aloe vera plants in your backyard, all the better!
You’ll need to get some of the plant’s big leaves and cut them all the way through in the middle. Spread them apart until they’re flat and put them on the burned area. Alternatively, you can also opt to just lather your burn with the gel.

– Tea: This is a particular staple to certain dining tables but tea is quite the aid to burns. In most black teas, they contain tannic acid which aids in soothing the burning sensation. The acid also helps restore the pH balance on your skin thus protecting it from further damage. For a better cooling sensation, you can add in some mint.

Teas can be used in various manners. One notable way is to freshly brew it, let the tea bag cool and apply it upon the burned area.


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