No to Coca-Cola as Self Tanner!

Cocoa cola has seen a lot of uses aside from being an idle drink. It’s a little odd to consider it as a tanning oil though. If you’re not familiar on what a tanning oil is, it is a certain kind of oil that is lathered on your skin to promote a faster absorption of UV rays. This means less time to be under the skin since you’ve primed your skin to soaking a lot of the sun’s rays at an amplified intensity.

Yes, coca cola is a dark color and most people believe that using it as a tanning oil promotes a nicer shade of bronze. That’s actually not true. Not only is this a drink that will leave your skin sticky and attract flies while you’re at it, it’s a one way ticket to doing more harm than good. Coca cola is meant to be ingested and not applied to the skin thus doesn’t give your body any protection against the skin. While Coca cola’s acidic content paves it’s way to being an ideal tanning oil’, it’s not a good choice at all.

Being full of chemicals is not even helping it and you’re making your skin speed up the aging process while also inciting more chances of getting burned under the sun. Coca cola has zero SPF to its name and its acidic nature could even burn off the sunscreen you’ve put on yourself. That’s a scary way to get a tan.

In fact, sunbathing has become quite a hazardous manner in getting a tan, aside from using Coca cola as a tanning oil. The sun’s rays contains a lot of UV rays and this speeds up the chances of getting melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the top 4 cancer on the list and it’s not surprising with how people gratify sunbathing and indoor tanning.

If you’d like to get your tan without having to put yourself in harm’s way, the good way to do that would be using self tanner. Despite being dubbed as a fake tan due to the absence of using UV rays, this method of tanning has gained traction due to its healthier approach. If you’d like to have more benefits from your self tanner, why not make use of Thermalabs? Thermalabs self tanners are concocted with organic ingredients thus you are assured that you’re also treated to a nourishing and skin pampering experience while doing your self tanning. |10|18)|ta(gt|lk)|tcl