Other Wonderful Uses of Self Tanners

Fitness woman showing abs and flat belly. Sexy muscular woman

As sunless tanning had become trending in almost all parts of the world, self tanning products have also boomed in the cosmetic industry. It is the safest and the easiest way to achieve a bronze skin. It keeps on improving in giving the best sun-kissed glow every skin could ever have.

And as self tanning products grew in different forms and in number, other uses of self tanning have been added too. Aside from making the most desirable bronze glow, self tanners can be also used to contour the face and body like the abs and legs to make it look thinner and muscle-toned. It can also be helpful to hide varicose veins and other skin blemishes.

The following are simple tips on how to add shade to your face and body using self tanners.

  • Face

Makeup is most commonly used to add contour to the face like to add emphasis on the cheekbones or establish a higher and thinner nose bridge. But make-ups can be easily worn out after hours of wearing it, while using self tanners can stay up to two weeks. Simply face the mirror and try to absorb your cheeks to make your cheekbones appear. Apply the self tanner just under the cheekbone by using a specific type of makeup brush. Do the same application in applying makeup to make your nose line look thinner and slimmer. Apply also under the jaw to make your face look slimmer by emphasizing the jaw.

  • Cleavage

To highlight your cleavage, do the same application as in applying makeup. Apply self tanner on top of the breasts and collarbone then creating darker shade like a two opposite parenthesis in between the breasts. Put a horizontal shade above and below the collarbone.

  • Abs

To create fake muscular abs, draw a straight line from the top of your abs down to the belly button through the use of a cotton ball or makeup brush. Then draw a downward line on the right and on the left from the top of the center line. From the end of the downward line, draw a vertical line of approximately one and half inches. Connect the end of the vertical lines to the center-line to create two-pack abs. Do the same to create four to six-pack abs. A simple tip to make the contouring easier: take a deep breath and hold it for awhile to make your muscle abs appear. Trace your abs by creating a line on the packs of abs.

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