Achieving Perfect Tan Before the Wedding

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Achieving Perfect Tan Before the Wedding

You’re soon to be a bride and you want to look like you’re the most beautiful bride on earth that day. Before you walk down the aisle, you’d want to do some beauty refinements to bring out your natural beauty. Some of these beauty cares would be facial and body spa, manicure and pedicure, dieting, hair treatment and teeth whitening. And guess what; the top beauty refinement in list is to go self tanning!

You definitely wouldn’t want to look pale on your big day so you’d choose to go tanning. And you don’t have to wait for summer to get a glowing skin! Sunless tanning have emerged and it is the best way to achieve the sun-kissed glow you’ve always wanted. There are so many sunless tanning products in the market such as tanning lotions, gels, towelettes, mousse, and spray. And the good news is Thermalabs has some of the best tanning products.

To get the best tanning result on your wedding day, here are some spray tanning rules to achieve the finest and streak-free tan you desire.

Do some dry run

Like any other big event, you need to rehearse or do some dry runs to make sure you will perfectly achieve what you want. In preparing for your wedding, you do some dry run in tanning your skin especially when you are new to sunless tanning. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to have a different colored spots skin because of uneven skin tone, or too dark or too pale, on your big day. Thus, it is highly recommended to start doing the tanning one month before your wedding day. The effect of sunless tanning may last two weeks, more or less. Then repeat tanning until you achieve the right tan for your skin on your wedding.

Do the rules in sunless tanning

Rules are made to lead you through the right way and the doing of tanning rules will lead you to a perfect glow. The first and most important rule is to exfoliate before applying spray tan. Dead skin cells should be removed to avoid streaks on your skin. Your skin should be free from make up, lotion, oil or other skin solutions before applying spray tan. It is recommended to take a shower first. Moisturizing would help to maintain your tan.

Use tanning mitt

To protect your palms from stains use Thermalabs’ tanning mitt. Using Thermalabs’ tanning mitt will make your spray tan application perfectly even.