Perks of Having Travel-Size Self Tanner with You

travel-sizeTravling on Thanksgiving? Being on the go is one thing, tanning while on the go is another.

While there are a lot of ways to get a tan, sparing an entire day just to bask yourself under the sun or scheduling on your next tanning bed session can be quite taxing. Not to mention the health risks and dangers.

From recent years, there’s been a rise on skin cancer amongst individuals- most common on people who love to tan. Why is this the case? Well, tanning makes use of UV rays to get the lovely shade of bronze that everyone envies. When there’s a high concentration of UV rays, it can lead to radiation which in turn mutates your cells to turn into cancer cells. Most cancer cells are dormant but with the aid of copious UV absorption they go haywire and cause a lot of demise to the individual.

Getting back on track, self tanners have become an ideal approach to tanning. But why does having a travel-sized self tanner work for most people?

Firstly, if you’re the busy type, who’s had too little time to themselves, you can vouch that lying down on the mat or in a tanning bed means wasting a lot of precious time to do something more productive. While self tanners eat quite a good amount of time, they don’t really make you commit an entire day to the application. If you have some free time to yourself in a vacation or a business trip, tanning can mean as easy as 1-2-3.

Travel sized self tanners such as the Thermalabs Travel Size Self Tanner doesn’t eat a lot of space in your pack. This means that you’ll have more space to pack in the necessary items such as clothes, cameras and etc. No one wants to hold back on enjoying the trip as best as they can right?

While you can get just any self tanner, why not try out the Thermalabs Travel Size Self Tanner for your next on-the-go self tanning experience. You’ll not only be treated to an awesome self tanning experience but a healthy one as well. The Thermalabs self tanners are concocted from organic ingredients; this means that you’re not putting any unknown chemicals on your skin.

You’re not only enjoying a self tanning experience but you’re also giving your skin the much needed pampering that it can get from nature’s best ingredients.

Thus, if you’ve been wanting to try out self tanning but have not done so, having a travel sized self tanner in your bag at ready can really start the ball rolling. e