Pomegranate in a bottle

Pomegranate is one of the most delicious and beneficial fruits of all. Besides the taste, it has an effective ingredient for our skin. The seeds and juices have been used over the years for skin regeneration. What the fruit does, is improve the texture of our skin; thus, slowing the aging process.

Below are some of the benefits of this fruit.

Skin cleansing

There are many ways to cleanse your skin. Oil cleansing plus pomegranate seed oil is an effective method. Having lots of flavonoids and punicic acid, the pomegranate seed oil deeply nourishes your skin, for that radiant glow.


To maintain clear and smooth skin, it has to exfoliate from time to time. The pomegranate seed is a good way. The first thing that you need to do is grind some pomegranate seeds, add some rose water in it and apply it to your skin. After you are done, wash it gently with cold water.

Skin toner

Pomegranate is also a natural skin toner. After your cleanser, you can extract some pomegranate juice and mix it with some apple cider vinegar.

Wound healing

accelerate wound healing. Besides, tannins and polyphenols like ellagic acid, gallic acid, and coumaric acid are found in pomegranate fruits.

Anti-aging properties

The oil from the pomegranate seeds helps strengthen the epidermis of your skin.

Protection against sunburn

The fruit is full of antioxidants, which have skin cancer-defying properties. Pomegranates also reduce the effect of sunburns and soothe your skin.

Acne prevention

The fruit is full of antioxidants, which have skin cancer defying properties. Pomegranates also reduce the effect of sunburns and soothe your skin.

There are more benefits of this fruit that has not been mentioned above. Though the tree is abundant in many parts of the world, not all have access to the fruit. Plus, it takes some time for the fruit to ripen. Not to mention the rigorous process of grinding the seeds to turn them into a cream.

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