Pre-Thanksgiving Self Tanning Tips

It’s almost thanksgiving. One can be thankful for a lot of things that has happened and that can be done while looking your best. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays that anyone could look forward to in a year so it’s not surprising that you’d want to look great for that day. There’s bound to be lots of people to reconnect and be thankful of while also having a lot of time in front of the camera.

If you’re a self tanning individual, it can be quite the hassle for the shift in season. However, that shouldn’t be the reason you can’t get your self tan. Here are some self tanning tips to prep you on your look for this year’s thanksgiving day:

– Plan out your schedule of when you’re getting your tan. If you get it too early, chances are you’re going to have a faded tan once the day comes. It’s important to do your tanning at most a week before the big day.

– Don’t rush your tanning. When one does things too hastily, they’ll end up ruining it. For this case, set some time to do your much needed self tanning and a good amount of time to let it air dry. You’ll also want to conduct your self tanning in an open space with the floor covered with scrap paper, to avoid any chains of staining the floor or your carpet. Self tanners dry after a few hours and best left to adhere to your skin overnight.

– Moisturize as much as possible. With the environment around you getting colder and colder, your skin can easily dry up which can ruin your tan. Dry flaky skin is common during autumn but applying a good amount of lotion while being diligent with your moisturizer can sort this issue out. A very important tip to remember is to avoid using products that contain retinol. Retinol is a chemical that causes your skin to lighten thus having these against your self tanned skin can cause lighter areas of skin.

– Despite the degrees going lower, try to apply some SPF especially on the last few days of summer or even sunny days. Sun damaged skin easily peels off causing an uneven hue of your skin. If you make it a habit to apply sunscreen each time you go out, you’re not only keeping your tan but also taking better care of your skin against the possibilities of skin cancer. |it|t5)|