Pre-Valentine Skin Treat for Self-Tanned Skin

It’s already been a few days since the year started and we’re already ending the first month in a few days. With that thought in mind, there’s one particular event we’re looking forward to, especially for couples. Valentines day is close and there’s a lot of things to look forward. From chocolates to roses, greeting cards and many more, Valentines day is a day to celebrate love for one another.

To say the least, it’s also one of the days where people want to look their best. If you have plans to getting picture perfect shots of yourself and your significant other or your family, bringing out the best in you is going to be a goal you have in mind. One of the best ways to help ante up your appearance is getting a tan. However with the weather still chilly and the looming dangers of indoor tanning, it’s a safe choice to go to self tanning for this scenario.

However, here are some tips you’ll need to remember when it comes to looking your best for February 14:

– Make sure to exfoliate your skin beforehand. With the weather being chilly, it’s important to not overdo. To get the most optimum tan, try to schedule your exfoliating session at least two days before you apply your tan. This gives way for your skin to develop after the cleansing while also priming it beforehand. Another factor to consider is to wax before you exfoliate.

– Make sure to tan a day ahead. This means tanning by Feb 12. Why so early? It’s to give your self tanner the time to totally dry up before the big day. This is also the time needed to sort out any mishaps such as streaking, uneven tone and etc. To remove self tanning mistakes, you can make use of lemon juice and dab it lightly on the affected area.

– Moisturize daily. Tanned skin can easily be ruined if you don’t take good care of it. The same can be said for non-tanned skin. If you don’t moisturize your skin, you’ll end up with a cracked, uneven tan or very dry skin that is unsightly to look at. You can make use of lotions to keep your skin hydrated but be careful of creams and lotions that contain retinol. These skin products can easily remove your self tan; thus it pays to read the ingredients on the label. sgh\-|shar|sie(\-|m)|sk\