Preparation Tips Before Spray Tanning Session

Tanning is a common pastime during summer. It’s no surprise since this season is bringing the heat into town. With the much higher climate to put up with, a lot of people tend to ease out on the thicker clothes and even opt to spend as much time by the sea. So it’s no wonder that people have been getting a much darker pallor with this season.

If you’re not the type to bask as much of the sun’s rays but don’t want to feel left out, self tanners are your go to solution. Self tanners don’t require long exposures under the sun or in a tanning bed so you’re free to apply it even at home. One important thing to remember is that self tanners, while an ideal approach to tanning, can be quite tedious.

woman-9951_640If you’ve just recently basked yourself into the world of self tanning, here are some things you’ll have to remember to avoid botching up your sunless tan:

  • Before applying the self tanner, make sure you’ve already exfoliated your skin. Exfoliation is a key step that should be done before a self tanning session as it clears off the layer of dead skin cells and dirt. You might also want to shave off some body hair if you’re the type to have a sparse amount of it.
  • Make some time and space for it. Self tanners take some time before your skin absorbs it so moving around might cause the bronzer to stick to areas. You’ll want to set some newspapers around your area to avoid dripping the bronzer onto the carpet or the floor.
  • Make sure to test your self tanner out. One of the worst thing to happen is getting an allergic reaction so best to do a skin test or check out the self tanner prior to buying. One of the better self tanners in the market is Thermalabs, since they make use of organic ingredients.
  • You’ll want to be sure what shade of brown you’re hoping to achieve. One of the mistakes of a first timer is putting on too much and thus ending up being quite a saturated shade of orange. You’ll want to consider the shade of the tan prior to buying the self tanner too.
  • Wear the least clingy clothes when you’re applying. Self tanner tends to stick to fabric so chances are you might end up with lighter areas. You might also want to make use of lighter fabrics so your skin can breathe through from the arduous session of self tanning.

With these tips, you’re set out to do your much needed tan! ))){