Product Description

Unleash the artist within you!

Whether you’re one of so many people who already discovered the wonders of airbrushing or you’re new to this magnificent world, one thing is certain: Once you discover ‘Thermalabs Air' Samana Art airbrush system, it will rock your world of art and beauty.

It is like nothing you knew before!

We all have our own familiar ways of doing nail art, tattoo or any other body art, but a better and more professional result is promised when using a great airbrush system from a top quality brand you can trust – ‘Thermalabs Air'.

Samana Art airbrush system by ‘Thermalabs Air' is an outstanding machine that anyone can use, whether professionals or beginners. It is the airbrush set suitable for all your airbrushing needs and for making your passion come to life!

Samana Art by ‘Thermalabs Air' is made with innovative, high precision components that will allow you to be accurate and efficient while creating flawless masterpieces. This machine lasts longer than other machines so you get a lot more value for your money.

Maintaining your new Samana Art system is as easy as can be and all you need to do is clean it after each use. Simply use warm water in the airbrush head.

‘Thermalabs Air' want to save you ALL the inconvenience, that's why there’s no need to replace any parts of the machine on a monthly basis, no need to buy additional props or equipment nor to get special cleaning supplies. Everything you need comes with this system!

The secret to amazing art is a secret no more. This machine will be your holy grail so grab it while supply lasts!